Why SAT and ACT Scores Matter

SAT exam prep day

The number of SAT exam prep centers continues to increase in number, testament to the number of students that take them. While there are some who question whether the ACT and SAT are still important, the answer is most definitely yes it is, and this only goes to show why these prep classes matter too.

Why You Need High SAT and ACT Scores

The fact is that high SAT and ACT scores will provide you with more opportunities to get high quality education and a better quality of life. Colleges today place great value on standardized tests more than ever. While there have been ahigh SAT test score is important few colleges that have dropped the SAT, the vast majority have put more emphasis on these scores. With this in mind, it’s become more necessary to students to prepare, and the best way to do is by attending classes.
Students also have to bear in mind that SAT and ACT are more valued than GPA (grade point average), and it is not uncommon for students with a high GPA to lose out to those with lower GPAs but higher ACT and SAT scores. It is also becoming common practice among admission offices to offer merit based scholarships according to their ACT and SAT scores.
Whereas in the past these scholarships were limited to students with financial requirements and athletic recruits, now that’s no longer the case. To further emphasize this point, athletic recruits for the NCAA use the ACT and SAT scores extensively, and prospects with low scores are scratched off the list.

How Prep Classes Can Help

It’s also a well-known fact that some form of employment screening takes place among high school seniors, and those with the highest SAT and ACT scores are the most likely to get employment. Because the demand for high scores is great, it’s imperative for students to take SAT exam prep classes to further improve their chances.
SAT test prepWith these classes you’ll be guided by first class, licensed tutors who will explain to you the methods and techniques necessary to pass the test. With proper tutoring, students can gain significant improvements in terms of points and furnish them with more opportunities to excel.
If you’re still having doubts about the need for tutoring, just consider the fact that in 2014, UCLA received more than 80,000 applications for their freshman class, with only 5,000 seats available. Given those numbers, it is virtually impossible for the UCLA admission officers to go through each essay and transcript, as that would take forever. In just this example alone you can see the importance of a high SAT or ACT score. This is true not just in UCLA but in other universities like Harvard as well.
No matter how you look at it, the scores matter, and that’s why studying for the exam is essential. By enrolling in one of these programs, you will increase your chances of getting the highest score possible and be accepted in the college of your choice. Another reason to take part in these classes is you’ll be updated on the latest techniques that should be used.

How ACT and SAT Exam Prep Classes Benefit Students

These classes are led by tutors who know all about the SAT and ACT, and this could pave the way for you to get a test takingscholarship. Yes, these test classes will cost money, but the amount you spend will be compensated for when you pass the exam, and the return can be much higher through scholarships and financial aids.
In other words you can look at these prep classes as a means to further your goal of passing the SAT, and second, as a form of investment. To take the point further, companies today still look at the ACT and SAT scores when hiring applicants, and while it’s not the only thing prospective employers check, it’s still important to have a high score.
Because ACT classes and SAT preparations are so important, it’s imperative that you find a reputable learning center where the tutors are trained in PSAT and SAT so they are  qualified to teach students. By taking part in these classes, a high school student has a much better chance of passing and increasing their score.

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